Daraconians are the main species from the planet Zeoga and one of the species who live on Gaia

Backstory Edit

Daraconians lived on the past at a territory near the Hyperian Nation, their convivence were peaceful but by some reason, Daraconians get on war with Hyperians to get the territory, after 100 years, the war ended, the Daraconians went to Zeoga and the Hyperians got the territory.

After 501 years, the Daraconians went back to Gaia, to have a new place to live here, but the Hyperians were waiting for it, aiming guns of all types, ready to terminate every enemy, the Daraconians suggested peace, but the Hyperians wanted war, one Celestial, Vortex, help on the conversation, but it didn't worked, After two weeks of war, all hyperians were killed. and the war ended.

Ieros Edit

All Daraconians have different souls who create energy, which are called Ieros There are 6 types of Daraconians Ieros

Firiero Edit

The angrier and most brave people have the Firiero Soul, they don't fear much for them lifes, and when the adventure appears, they are the first to go in.

Firieros can bend: Fire, Lava, Heat, Darkness

Earthiero Edit

The most hungry and active people have the Earthiero Soul, They love eating, playing sports and going out.

Earthieros can bend: Earth, Metal, Sand. Leaf

Aquiero Edit

The most quiet and inteligent people have the Aquiero Soul, they love playing games on the internet, meditating, studying, and everything that needs inteligence to be done.

Aquieros can bend: Water, Acid, Blood, Ice

Aiero Edit

The most happy and funny people have the Aiero soul, they love telling jokes, playing, laughing, being happy at all times, no one can be sad near they.

Aieros can bend: Air, Eletricity, Light

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