Damien surfing on a Cursed Tombstone


Name: Damien Rivallie

Nickname: Damien

Age: Unknown

Race: Unknown

Allies: None

Enemies: Shane and Ves

Gender: Male

Powers: Necromancy

Parents: Unknown

Weapons: Cursed Tombstone

Personality: always likes to surf on his tombstone, likes reading Necromancery books.

Loves: Surfing on his Tombstone

Likes: Parkour


When the big fire happened and Shane & Ves escaped from the burning town, 1 kid was left behind, that kid was their brother, Damien. Damien tried to escape aswell but he could not catch up with Shane & Ves, He tried to find a way to escape but he was surrounded by burning blocks.


"The big Fire"

When Damien realized there's no hope, he decided to accept his fate, he caught on fire and screamed like a badly injured wolf, and turned into ash.

When Damien opened his eyes he was in a void-like place, floating.

"Where am i?" Damien thought and then heard a voice

"Welcome to our tribe" that voice whispered.

suddenly, 9 skeletons with a black cloak and hood surrounded Damien, and one of them got close to him.

Damien started shaking as the skeleton's hand got close to him. he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and the skeleton touched his forhead with his finger.


"the skeleton touched his forhead with his finger. "

Suddenly, all the angels disappeared and Damien started falling in the void.

"No!" Damien shouted, and opened his eyes, he was inside an open grave

"uugh... what happened?" said Damien while getting out of the grave. Damien noticed a strange mark in the shape of a tombstone on his arm, and then Damien heared a whisper.

"Continue our legacy, young Tomb raider".

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