My name is Rowan Ex. I am the last pure human male. I have seen what happened, and I will not stop to find the rest of pure humans. Hybrids have taken over. Earth Prime is in danger. Humanity has lost a war that has changed us. We are living in every corner, trying to get away. If are reading this, do not pass this information to others. We have been trying to communicate to the Portal Holders of this blocky mayhem but they reported to be dead. Descendants however, are not. We now have 294,847,205 pure humans safe, and after a scan, 39 of them returned with the exact same DNA of the Portal Holders. We rescanned and we saw 20. It seems like the Portal Holders are Time Travel Agents from every Earth. After communicating with one of them all 294,847,205 humans have returned. We now face a bigger problem. 3 dimensions have opened, and they all contain pure humans. We named it Unova, Orisis, and Lex. It contained technologies we are currently in prototypes. After some years, Unova had a crisis which resulted in the dimension's fall. We did not know that one of their presidents is a Portal Holder, but he is stubborn and will always "continue in the name of science." People of Unova spread out through the Earths, and to Orisis and Lex. Then, I get trapped in Orisis. May Equalitrinity Tribe help us.

May someone get me out of here.

-Prof. Ex

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