The name's Conniver "Connor" Wilborne. He prefers to be called Connor. He appears in the Dear London





He was born in the town of Gregonsburg Hills. He was trained in the ways of the Garo. He was finally old enough to have his own Wristbow. A weapon that is worn by the family of Connor. He was fishing on the bay until the Nazi Empire attacked their hometown. He killed a captain with his Wristbow and several others with his Revolver. He went with the main protagonists in the series.


  • A wristbow crafted by his Father when he reached the age of 13
  • Winchester 1887, He got this weapon when he went hunting with his Father
  • Colt Python, He obtained this weapon after looting a Nazi Captain​


He is a young man with a jacket and vambraces, He also has a deployable Wristbow. He sometimes wear a cowboy hat.


  • Sharp Shooter 80%
  • Horseriding 50%
  • Hand to Hand Combat 60%
  • Speed 90%


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