Coke Can

A regular looking coke.

Coke are soda drinks that can walk and they can talk in english. The ruler of all Coke is CokeAnimations. They are most commonly found in New Coke City but are extremly rare anywhere else.


Coke can teleport and talk. They can spill poison and they have an infinite supply of lasers. 


They are usually nice. For some strange reason they only eat skittles and drink nothing. If you try to give them other food they will die. They like PS3 more than Xbox and if you give them a wii they will kill you. The reason for this is unknown.


The Main Enemy of Coke is Pepsi. If they see a Pepsi they will immedietly try to kill it. They also hate 7up because its friends with Pepsi. If a Coke drank Pepsi then it would be considered a traitor and would be killed for drinking anything because Coke don't drink anything not even water. They also kill whoever drinks Coke.


Cokes Friends are Sprite and Fanta. They also like anyone who dosnt drink Coke. They also like Skittles.


Cokes main weakness is other food. Most of them can't read so if you give them an m&m and say its a skittle it will instantly kill them. If you can reach them you can spill all the Coke inside and the Coke will die. They esspecially hate bannanas but if they smell a banana they will try to kill whoever is holding it so you can lure the Coke into a Trap.

New Coke CityEdit

A place called New Coke City is a place where only Coke live. It is mostly unknown because whoever trys to go in is immediatly killed.

Only Known Photo of New Coke City

Other InformationEdit

They somtimes can eat Oranges but only on Orange day.

They are not boys or girls

They drop water buckets. This is strange because Coke don't drink water.

They also always play Pokemon.

There homes are always made of wood and don't look very pleasing.

They Hate Bananas more than anything.

There favorite Color Is always Orange.


The leader of all Coke is CokeAnimations. He is also Coke but looks like he is a human. He can eat anythiing he wants and is one of the very few Coke that can read english. He created New Coke City so all the Coke could be protected from Pepsi and other Coke drinkers. He also made sure nobody ever went in. He is usually seen playing Nintendo or somthing.