"Hey, look, I don't know why I did it simply to get into a gang. It was stupid. But I've got you guys now. Thank you."

"Yes, yes,  just don't kill any of us and ve vill all be fine."

-Clips and Adal on Clips joining the group.

Vital statistics
Position Second in Command of ELITE
Age 19
Status Alive, but very distraught.
Physical attributes
Height 5'8
Power No powers, just plain skills.
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Love interests Jasper (Boyfriend)


Clips had long, brown hair and grey eyes. She wears a backwards red and white cap, a red and white t-shirt, torn jeans and sneakers.

Personality and BehaviourEdit

She is a kind and caring individual, but also distraught and depressed. She is, however, a social person, and likes chatting to the group. She is fashionable, and she likes to fight the old-fashioned way, with a bow and arrow. She takes Jasper as a mentor, and a mental anchor.


Clips knew Jasper in high school, and they were great friends. Afterwards, she joined a gang with a few of their other friends, Alexa and Bugbites. At the time, she didn't know what she was getting into. After a few months, she was having second thoughts about this gang. It wasn't just a social group, but a full-on criminal organization. Still, she felt as if she had no one else. Her trial to enter the gang was killing her parents. She decided to do it, but that brought the attention of someone she once knew. Jasper.

 Jasper came to the gang's base, and talked her into joining ELITE. After a long fight ending in BLU's Pyro burning the building down, she joined and found it to be like a new home.


Clips is a skilled archer, and can pinpoint a target from about 25 yards away. She also wields a dagger if ever needed. She is a highly acrobatic individual, and can climb like a monkey, and jump a fair distance.


Since she killed her parents, she has been depressed, and anchors on her friends in Jasper's team. She is not the best in close-combat.


  • She is a very social person, and likes being around friends.
  • Her best friend is Alexa.
  • She enjoys warm weather, and swinging in playgrounds.
  • When Jasper announced that he and Clips were now going out together, Adal, the team Medic, would not heal her for about a month, as he had a crush on Jasper.

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