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"If you want the enemy down, I'll take them down."

- Claude

Claude, this 36 year old never spends time with his family, with the exception of his younger siblings Sonya and Kael. Like his sister Sonya, he wears all black clothing.


Full Name: Claude Alvarez

Siblings: Sonya, Kael

Age: 36

Birthday: March 6, 1978

Parents: Brendan, Emily

Relationships: Elizabeth

Height: 6'1

Weight: ???


Being born in Archian City, he was born years before the fall of Archian city. He lived as a simple ambassador of Change, setting his goal to change the Archian society into a more peaceful civilization. His plan failed when the Elsians attacked and conquered Archian City. Since then he has been considered an Ambassador of War, seeking to eliminate the entire Esian race from existance.

By the time Kael was born, he had developed a close bond with her. They had spent so much time Kael had considered him the "best sibling." They had played games together, go to the park and carnivals, and even eat lunch next to each other. Kael even considers Claude a hashtag.

By the time Sonya was born, Claude pretty much did not put a lot of attention on to her compared to Kael. This is because he thought Sonya was just too young to experience the fun he and Kael did together. By the time Sonya reached elementary school, Claude already lived on his own. They had not seen him ever since.

Current LifeEdit

Claude was reunited once again with Sonya. Sonya was not so thrilled to see him, but she didn't notice that Claude changed. When Kael found out Claude reunited with Sonya, Kael went out to find him. When they finally reunited, Kael was so thrilled to see the best sibling again. Sonya reunited with Claude again and this time, hugged him so tightly. Claude never felt so special. Claude also owns a 69 Mustang.

1969 ford mustang-pic-14508

Claude's car, a 69 Mustang


Claude is reunited with Kael once again


Claude was pretty much the boy version of Sonya, keeping her traits, Claude loves to see the sight of his enemies falling, but hates seeing his allies fall. Even so, he has a kind heart and always guides his younger siblings.


Claude was born with the rarest and most strongest Archian power ever: Rage. This allowed him to be feared by the family, and even Kael kept her distance from him.

Theme SongEdit

Celldweller - Shapeshifter (Blue Stahli remix)04:14

Celldweller - Shapeshifter (Blue Stahli remix)

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