Ciaran Wells was born in Catania, Sicily but was brought over to London, England when his mum got a better paying job. He never really had friends due to his lack of trust, he began Army Cadets when he was 11 and slowly gained a slightly sadistic side. When he was 12 he began to mention hearing voices and was later diagnosed with Schizophrenia. On his 15th birthday he was given 2 choices by the doctors, they can kill him in his sleep so he dies peacefully or he lives on with schizophrenia which is sure to end him up in a hospital for the insane. His mum had him killed by the doctors and Ciaran was sent down to hell, Satan gave him a choice, he goes back to Earth as a half Demon and protects two unknown people. He accepted the offer and now roams free searching for his assignments.

Biography Edit

Full Name: Ciaran Wells

Alias: N/A

Status: Undead

Age: 157 years old / 15 Years Old

Birthdate: February 6th 1857

Orientation: Heterosexual

Home: London, England

Gender: Male

Race: 43% Demon / 6% Enderman / 51% Human

Powers: Ability To Manipulate Fire, Strength, Flying & Teleportation

Height: 5'8FT

Weight: 142lbs

Parents: Mother (alive) Father (dead)

Weapons: Hunting Knife, Firearms, Manipulation Of Fire

Personality:Hotheaded, Brave, Friendly, Vengeful, Polite & Protective

Traits: Virtuoso, Brave, Reckless & Rash

Likes: Isolation, Fire / Lava, Darkness, Practicing Fire Manipulation, Reading & Hunting

Dislikes: Being Tricked / Manipulated, Being Forced To Do Something

Allies: Donovan , Neon Lights, Nick Utorak, Steven & Eri North

Enemies: Everyone Unlisted

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