Chris Baxter

"That will resolve nothing. I know him better than you can imagine."

- Chris


Chris Baxter, or mostly called Baxter, is the co-founder of Mortogen, along side with Alex Smith, his ex-best friend. After discovering his Alex's dark secret, he betrayed him and along with Shell, became a Whistleblower.


Chris was the co-founder of Mortogen. He worked along side Alex Smith in making Mortogen a "safe and secure research facility." Chris was completely oblivious to the dark secret of Mortogen, thinking it was a mere research facility dedicated to make Archian life much better. In reality, they injected them with an illegal virus.

At some point, Chris found out, and worked along side Shell to reveal the true intentions of Mortogen. The two Whistleblowers were successful. Soon Archian military and police forces arrived and arrested employees.

Despite his intention of revealing the secrets, he was arrested as well. Shell tried to free him by words, but police said that he would only serve 3 days in prison, unlike most employees, who were sentenced to life in prison.

After 3 days, he said that he would no longer work for Mortogen and would consider Alex as a sworn enemy. He left Selchar where most of the employees lived and started a new life at Nesserk, a city near the forest. So far he is living there...

Nothing else is known.

Theme SongEdit

Linkin park-faint lyrics02:55

Linkin park-faint lyrics

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