"We are Void Hunters, and We hunt to save the world, to honor Max's memory. These Shadows will kill us all if we fail, so have that in mind when you are scared of them"

Quick Bio Edit

Chloe was born on 1991, She lived with her parents that she loved a lot, and they loved her back.

It all came down to pieces when she was 10 years old, and everyone on her town starded seeing dark shadows, at first, nobody payed much attention until people starded dying by unexplained reasons in the middle of the nigth. One nigth after dinner a dark entity brutally murdered Chloe's parents in fron t of her, When the Shadow was heading to kill her, she was saved by the Void Hunter Max.

Life as a Void hunter. Edit

After her parents were killed, Max adopted Chloe and tried to keep her away from his secret life as possible

One day, while playing with Max's stuff she accidentally broke a vial containing a dangerous material called Dark Fluid, however, unlike most of the ones that had contact with it, she acquired incredible powers like superhuman strenght, reflexes, Speed, agility And intelligence. After this, Max decided to teach her of the shadows and trained her.

By the time Chloe was 17 she had participated with Max in countless missions agaisnt the Shadows and she had already her own Void armor (an armor made out of a compound based off Dark fluid).

When Chloe was getting near her 24th birthday Max died in a confrontation agaist the entity known as the "Hat Man". After a period of Mourning his dead, she decided to keep on hunting. One day, while investigating Shadow activity in Center America she met and confronted a 14 year old vigilante with Dark Fluid powers, after managing to get him to listen the reality about his powers and the shadows he joined her on the hunt of a nearby portal.

After working together for the first time, Robbie joined Chloe on her war agaisnt the Shadows. And they quickly became friends

Important Editor's note Edit

this is an OC from a universe I created by myself, I may or may not use in future RPs. The fact that it is here is because I want to have a base where to have this in case grows to something, plus, this is one of the pages I'll do about this Universe, I'll appreciate positive feedback on this project.

Also, as for now, I'd like to point out this is a Universe that's Alternative to the one we RP in.

Plus, what you just read is a very summarized version of the longer story, if it feels like it was chopped up, it's because of that

Also this is a WIP.

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