IMG 1027

A sketch of a Camular, by the late Professor David Strong.

The Camular are a species of shapeshifting, lizard-like beings from a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy.  Not much is known about the Camular, but it is believed that they have been embedded in our societies for quite some time.


The Camular appear to have much in common with the lizards of Earth.  Standing at roughly four feet tall when not in a different form, they have condensed hands and feet, short arms and legs, and a long body.

Roles in History

It is believed that many Camular have found their way to Earth and have intermixed with our society.  Conspiracists believe that such famous figures as Lee Harvey Oswald, Genghis Khan, King Henry VIII, Patrick Henry, Jeffery Dahmer, and Sean Connery are/were in fact Camular.

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