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Compressed Darkness Type 139 is the most dangerous thing on the existence, The nearest thing of the Anti-Matter, but made of matter.

Backstory Edit

On the Dark Continent, of Minus, Holes in the Timeline melted and turned into matter, that can be solid or liquid. After years, all the animal life of the continent died, and the energy turned into big purple crystals that were taken and moved to Flome Island, Where people do experiments with the Liquid CD

States Edit

Solid: Edit

It assume the form of a purple crystal, that glow and freeze everything near.

Liquid: Edit

It assume the form of a Black liquid, that glow and heat up everything near

Experiments done with the CD Edit

Fear Exo Edit

The Liquid CD, Fused with resistent metal were used to create the most resistant armor of Minus.

Monarche Energy Reactor Edit

The Solid CD worked on a Energy Reactor who exploded and was rebuilt with an smaller piece of CD

CD Subjects Edit

The Liquid CD was used on 10 people,Causing different results, Turning half on dust, and the other half on Hyperpowerusers Daraconians.

CD Dangers Edit

As every powerful thing, CD have flaws:

1 - The CD, Hotter than 500° Celsius, Will explode with the damage of an average nuke.

2 - Fused of an living being, Can mutate the structure and the DNA of it.

3 - If CD touches a atom of Antimatter, It will end the whole timeline.

4 - CD can turn gaseous,but it will be deadly for any living being near and would disappear in some minutes.

The Tests with CD can't be done without the right conditions.

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