-Birdyman Being Majestic


He was a normal bird until someone gave him a jacket and there

he turned into a damn GOD (so thank the jacket)

He became one of "The Three Creators".


Bawk! herro dere, im Burdyman and i am a member of The Three Creators! Bawkahh~! im also very skilled so i dare you to fite me m80 1v1

Name: "Birdyman"

Nickname: Birdyman, Fabulird, Beautiflird.

Age: ???

Status: Alive.

Orientation: Everythingsexual

Home: In da clouds

Somewhat very failed BirdyMan Rig

Race: Bird/God/Admin

Gender: Male

Powers: Squack of life, reviving inexcplicably

Allies: Ethan, Eyebrow Dog.

Family Members: The sun and the moon XD

Weapons: His beutifel voice

Personality: Very delicious, and sexy

Loves: Eyebrow Dog and Trouble

Likes: Squackadoodledoodling

Dislikes: Something that isnt sexy

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