Overview Edit

Ayanna Auld is Kael Alvarez's best friend. She is a highly respected Archian female. Her reputation is due to her good mannered personality and considerable skills in Ice.


Name: Ayanna Auld

Age: 28

Birthdate: April 4, 1986

Nationality: Full Archian

Gender: Female

Height: 5'10

Hair Color: Violet

Skin Color: White

Eye Color: Orange

Allies: Kael, Sonya, Archians, Elswords, more...

Enemies: Unknown

Parents / Relatives: Unknown

Weapon of Choice: Ice

Fighting Style(s): Martial Arts ( Elsword style ), Ice ( Archian style )

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliation: Unknown



Ayanna was born in Almuj, the most peaceful Archian city in the world. Because of being born within a peaceful city, her behavior reflected on that. She was the nicest Archian in the whole city and became the nicest Archian in the world shortly after.

Eventually, she left Almuj when she was 11, because an Archian with ice is very strong. Even on her own, she handled the tough bad guys very well without adult supervision.

Nothing else is known.

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