"If you wanna survive, you need to gain our trust. We cannot trust any ordinary person around here..."

-Asya, to an unknown rebel.

Backstory Edit

She is a survivor of the combine invasion and an escapee from City 38. She has befriended alot of people along her adventure to a main rebel base. On her way, she met people like Jalf, Tyford, Evyn, Aleksei, and even another Resistance leader, Boleslav, leading his own squad.

She then manages to find the main rebel base, losing Boleslav on the way. She then became a leader of the Resistance due to certain "rules", as said by Harry. She led the Uprising against the Combine, but later went to the Citadel with a RAC. After that, the rebels in City 38 had to defend whatever they were up against while she was at the Citadel.

She leaded the Black Forest base, but on the day after the destruction of the City 38 Citadel, was attacked by an Advisor and killed by the advisor.

Bio Edit

Usually nice towards friends, but has no mercy towards any enemies such as Combine.

Name: "Asya"

Nickname: Asya.

Age: Thought to be around 25 - 30.

Status: Deceased.

Orientation: Bisexual.

Home: Rebel Base near City 38.

Race: Human.

Gender: Female.

Allies: Jak, Jacob, Harry, Jello, Aleksei, Abram, Boleslav, Evyn, and other resistance members.

Powers: None.

Family Members: None.

Weapons: Standard Assault Rifle.

Loves: Shows a bit of interest in Evyn.

Likes: Resistance, Victory.

Dislikes: admitting defeat, Combine, Harry.

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