== "I knew I should never have eaten those mushrooms. now see myself as a boy" -April after looking at her Alternate self for the first time ==

Basic infoEdit

Name: April North Vizla

Fake Name: May South Fett

Age: 17

Height: 1,67 m.

Weight: 114 lbs.

Species: Nucubian (formerly), Human

Gender: female

Orientation: Bisexual

Likes: peace, sleeping, food, fire, dark and warm places, dogs, daggers, videogames, air, coffe, cats, pigs, electricity, to help others

Dislikes: evil-looking stuff, water, cold places, stupid people, being hungry, feeling powerless, being sick, being sad, see other people being sad, sarcastic comments ((April: unless i do them))

Powers\Abilities: she has a decent aim with firearms and can defend herself using knives and her own combat abilities, not being a good fighte however.

Weakness: allergic to a large concentration of dust particles in an area, suffers from migraine.

Status: Alive

Loves: Eri

Family: none is known from her dimension, Ender,(alternate self) Eri (wife)


after a machine made by Ender to travel between universes failed she was transported into this dimension


she has had relations with a lot of people

Ender: kind of Brother/Sister love between them

Eri: wife

Kote: weird friendship

Ether: ((April: met her some days ago...and i dont think she even remembers lets leave it to "somebody i know"))

Sonya: weird friendship

Theme Edit

Courage My Love - You Don't Know How -Official Lyric Video-03:02

Courage My Love - You Don't Know How -Official Lyric Video-

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