"I feel like your whole life is an insult..."

-Apoloris after being defeated by Trouble.

Backstory Edit

He was one of the earliest members to create the world, alongside Wilfur.

Bio Edit

He is an almost emotionless being that has the power over Life and Death, although does not have the ability to kill any other admins at will. He is the most powerful admin of the whole group besides Trouble.

Name: "Apoloris".

Nickname: Apoloris, "God Of Life/Death".

Age: 25 /  Born: 19 August 1990

Status: Alive.

Orientation: Unknown.

Home: Everlasting Temple.

Race: God/Admin

Gender: Unknown. (Seemingly genderless.)

Allies: Wilfur, Solfara, Polaria, Flunareo

Powers: Creating life, Killing off anything, Flight, Enhanced speed, and super strength.

Family Members: Unknown.

Weapons: "Apolaris's Sword.".

Loves: Unknown.

Likes: Unknown.

Dislikes: Unknown.

Second Form Edit

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