Aphrion Info, History, and Facts


The first Aphrion on earth came from another planet, and looked nothing like a human, even though they look like humans now. The Aphrions greeted humans with peace, and some of them started pairing up with the humans. Eventually, they started to form new hybrid aphrions.


Clean Skeleton

3 hearts of an Aphrion are located in there chest, and the main one is in the head. Although they have 3 hearts, the best way to defeat them is using a semi-automatic or automatic weapon, or an explosive weapon. Aphrions have tails, and also have big ears which allow them to hear much better than a human. They usually eat their own limbs as a survival tactic, sometimes even other Aphrions, as they are able to regenerate their limbs. Gravitarian Aphrions can reproduce with multiple creatures known in the universe so far, allowing for hybrid aphrions being created easily. Most pure aphrions live up to 250 years, while most hybrids live up to 150-200 years.

History and Culture

Eon Bite Rig-0

Eon Bite, leader of the G-A and a great example of Combine enhancement.

Despite never believing in a certain god, Aphrions used to preform rituals and sacrifices as they believed it would give them more strength through unknown means. They used to go by a Monarchy-type government, but later switched to a more modernized government system due to their unstable economy and constant riots. Their culture is heavily based on their stationary status and how they don't move around as a soceity unless low on resources. They were never nomadic and never travelled alot.

They used complex instruments since the beggining of the species. One good example is a Buzzer, and instrument that sounds like buzzing and humming noises with no rythym for any non-aphrion. Since Aphrions have advanced hearing abilities, they can pick up noises from the Buzzer that does sound like music.

Mancers, a race divided up into many, many groups, had destroyed their own home planet because of their recklessness, after which, with a bit more carefulness, the race moved into a nearby planet 1989.8786 lightyears away, a planet where another race, the Aphrions, were living on, when the mancers arrived, they greeted the Aphrions as friends, and all was well, untill a group of 10 pyro(fire) mancers wanted supremacy over the Aphrions, they attacked the Aphrions.

It ended up heavily damaging the planet, leaving almost nothing behind. It caused the almost dying race of Aphrions to go to Minecraftia and live with the other races there. Eventually due to living on Minecraftia for too long, they eventually paired up with the other races and created hybrid species such as the dominant Etashians or Tryrxtians, or the lesser known Creoxians or Apehlians. They invented weapons like Gravity Scythes, Gravity Swords, and Gravity Katanas, But they also built upon Combine-Made weapons such as OSIPR's, OSIS's, and the OSISR's after the Combine Invasion.

Most of them live in Gravita due to their nature of being more comfortable around other Aphrions.

Sub-Species Of Aphrions:

Clean Aphrion

Gravitarian Aphrion.


Their fur pattern was covering their whole body, but some places not having their full fur colour, but instead, just a lighter colour then the actual fully grown fur. They also are 2 and a half blocks tall. Usually having purple eyes, they are tall, purple furred Aphrions. Mostly calm, their force powers could not be broken out of, as they are the most powerful race of Aphrion and could concentrate their energy better.

Clean Minecraftian

Etashian Aphrion


Their fur is barely noticable, as it matched with their skin colour. They had different coloured eyes depending on their rage mode glow colour. Unlike the Gravitarians, their eyes glowed, and their force could be broken out of. They have the same height as a human.

Clean Gravicraftian

Tryrxtian Aphrion.


Their fur can be any colour. It covers 80% of their head. The other 20% is their actual skin colour. They have the same things as an Etashian. ( eyes depending on their rage mode glow colour, same height as a player, and force able to be broken out of.)


They are a sub-species that live inside caves. They don't have very good eyesight, and hear very well. They are smaller than normal Aphrions, but they are still as strong.


Clean Creoxian-0

Creoxian/Aphelian Aphrion.

A newly discovered species that lives high up in mountians. Similar to Crystalians, they don't have good eyesight. Their force is almost as strong as normal Aphrions. Both the Creoxians and Aphelians are almost identical with few diferences being that Creoxians have bigger ears then Aphelians.

Semi-Feral or Feral:

Semi-Feral Aphrion

Semi-Feral or Feral Aphrion.

This branch of sub-species is known for its extremely noticable differences. They are usually wild, and have a more canine appearance instead of the usual feline appearance. They are unable to form sentences, and are also incapable of any form of advanced comunication. They can stand upright, but will walk on all fours like an animal. They, unlike the more advanced Aphrions, are more agile and are much smaller than usual. They are also capable of using the force, although in a weaker state due to their extreme hybridization.

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