Antlions are an alien race, presumably accidentally brought over to earth by Combine. They are very organized, and will make huge colonies in any area that is . They do not have eyes, and instead use vibrations to locate their enemies. The Antlion Soldiers are weaker than the Antlion Guards, and tend to follow the guards.

Antlions may have been turned into synths due to similarities with the Demolisher synth, but it is unknown due to synth being so different in appearance.

They then have appeared in different variations ever since there arrival on Earth, and have killed off many of the surviving animals almost immediatly after the Combine Invasion. After the invasion, huge colonies were formed by the Antlions.

They have alot of variations and different types, and will usually have some similarities.

Antlion Soldier Edit

Tumblr lzyzdh8Ete1qcb7k0o1 500

Antlion Soldier.

These are the most commonly found antlions, usually hunting down anything they find weaker than them. They will tend to run towards the enemy and slash their prey, until it dies. They are deadly due to their ability to fly for a short distance.

They are not very good at avoiding firearms or projectiles, but will usually retreat if too many threats are sensed.

They are found outside and inside of the Antlion caves, which makes going near a cave even harder than usual, and makes Rebel bases harder to stand if near an antlion cave.

Antlion Guard Edit

HL2 Beta Antlion Guard

Antlion Guard.

They are the strongest variation, being very quick and are resistant to alot of bullets or even an AR2 Altfire energy ball.

They can resist rockets very well, and can even go against a Strider. They are very quick and will sometimes charge at the enemy, similar to a Hunter.

They are found guarding the entrances to Antlion caves, which makes it hard to get in or out.

Antlion Worker Edit

They are weaker versions of Antlion Soldiers, and have no armour compared to the soldiers. They are only found inside of the caves they live in, and have a special acid-spitting attack.

They are very quick, and like the soldiers, are able to fly for a short distance. They have very weak melee, but very good projectile harm.

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