Student Bio

Age 17

Birthdate 08/19/1997

Gender Female


A sketched selfportrait of Alyssa DeMarco

Bio Alyssa Hinata DeMarco was born to Luis DeMarco and Koharu Saitou in Kyoto, Japan. On April 5, 2004, both Luis and Koharu were killed overnight for reasons yet to be revealed. Orphaned at the age of 6, Alyssa went to live with her uncle, Ichiro Saitou, but was taken out of his care at the age of 7 for other, more unfortunate reasons. Alyssa was then entrusted to the care of her grandparents, Tomas and Alma DeMarco, who lived in Pontevedra, Spain. When Alyssa was 11, Tomas died from lung cancer. Two years later, Alma died of a stroke, once again leaving Alyssa without any familial support. With no one else to turn to, she talked to her school principal, who generously paid for her to live on school campus. She lived like this until she was 15, when, on September 30, 2012, she was sent to a mental hospital after a violent breakdown at exactly midnight in which she almost stabbed her roommate, Sandra Castillo-Rey. She claimed that she had seen streets full of wooden coffins and an enormous, golden moon, but naturally no one believed her. On January 11, 2013, she was discharged from the institution and was put back to school- however, the incident was still fresh in the rest of the students' memories and she was avoided for the rest of the year. She was later transferred to Gekkoukan High in Iwotadoi, Japan, where she joined the SEES club, met her boyfriend Makoto Iori, and eventually graduated. On their graduation day, Makoto suddenly died with no explanation as to why. Out of school and with no one to turn to except for her uncle, Alyssa ran off into the Tottori sand dunes, where she met May and Mako and was taken to Nesserk. In Nesserk, she met Kimi Yarunaka and Chung Seiker, the former of which she adopted as a sister.

Relatives Luis DeMarco (father, deceased), Koharu Saitou (mother, deceased), Ichiro Saitou (uncle), Tomas DeMarco (grandfather, deceased), Alma DeMarco (grandmother, deceased), Kimi Yarunaka (sister, adopted)

Friends/Allies Sandra Castillo-Rey (former), Makoto Iori (boyfriend, deceased), Chung Seiker

Personality After being discharged from the mental institution, Alyssa has been much more timid and shy. She prefers to let others lead.

Hobbies Reading, drawing

Loves N/A

Orientation Heterosexual

Other Notes She speaks Japanese, Spanish, and English, but prefers to speak in Japanese. Her English is not great.

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