About damn time I made a character page.

Backstory Edit

Some guy banged a demon and this came out. Enough said.

Bio Edit

Name: Alva

Nickname: Abomination (Alice)

Age: Unknown, looks, acts, and sounds 7-9.

Appearance: Long black hair that covers her face and goes down to her waist, very pale (almost gray) skin, as well as completely black eyes with white pupils. She wears a white short-sleeved dress that goes down to between her ankles and her knees, white socks, and black shoes.

Personality: She is sweet, naive, but likes to do certain things that people might consider extremely creepy. (For example, thinking of things people might find shocking or disturbing as funny.)

Status: Alive

Orientation: Unknown, possibly straight.

Attributes: One large attribute she has is she doesn't need food to survive, since she quite literally lives on fear. (Scientifically speaking, she absorbs the chemicals that people and animals release when they're scared, and uses it as a food source.)

Home: Gaia

Race: Cambion (Half human, half demon)

Gender: Female

Allies: None yet.

Powers: Unknown, it's known she has a fair amount of them however. These including Reality Warping, Telekinesis, and Teleportation.

Family Members: Unnamed demon mother, unnamed human father, Alice (adoptive mother)


Loves: None

Likes: Scaring people, drawing, coffee, dogs.

Dislikes: Being unable to scare people, her hair getting in the way, people who are/can be D-bags.

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