Alex was a Spartan IV that served during the Human/Covenant war. after the war he was assigned to the outer colony of Minecraftia where he lives a life full of adventures and problems


He firts served as a marine in the Battle of installation 04 where he saw multiple of his friends die at the hands of the covenant he was able to take down several Covenant forces with his squad after that he got asked to be an ODST with the rest of his squad to what they all accepted he later served in New Mombasa giving support to a marine battalion. Later his squad engaged a squad of grunts accompained with a brute ¨Red¨ himself was able to neutralize and kill the brute (not obeying direct orders in the progress). He then serve in the Battle of Installation 00, in wich he lost 4 of his best friends, after that he was offered to join the Spartan Iv program to what he acepted. after the training and the 2 Battles of Requiem he was sent to the outer colony of minecraftia

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Red is a very nice guy (once you get to know him)

He is very sarcastic

He got called the worst member of his squad and is the most well as the most lethal

He has six toes on his left foot

General infoEdit

Name: Alex Johnson

Age: ???

Height: 1m 80

Weight: 134 lbs

Stuff he likes: food (of course), Killing Grunts, explosions, flying, science, rock, metal, my armor, sarcasm, his rifle, friends, Dogs.

Stuff he hates: Elites, Brutes, Dub Step, Grunt pizza (believe me it sucks), things that take too long

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Powers: none

Allies: Ender, Kelly, Nat

Weapons of choice: can vary from a Assault rifle to a Energy sword

Family: none known

Loves: Nat (more like a sister)

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First Armour

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Actual Armour