-Aleksei headshotting da enemies.

Backstory Edit

He helped Asya escape City 38, and joined her temporary squad.

He then just began to become a normal rebel afterwards, being part of the RAC squad and assisting Asya on her way to the Citadel.

He died in the Citadel along with other rebels while assisting Asya.

Bio Edit

He is usually selfish, but if his friends are in danger, he will risk his life. He can usually take out alot of Combine Soldiers even if low on ammunition. He is very resourceful when it comes to large battles.

Name: "Aleksei"

Nickname: Aleksei.

Age: 20 - 25

Status: Deceased.

Orientation: Straight.

Home: Black Forest Base.

Race: Human.

Gender: Male.

Allies: Jak, Jacob, Harry, Jello, Asya, Abram, Boleslav, Evyn, and other resistance members.

Powers: None.

Family Members: Unknown.

Weapons: Standard Pistol.

Loves: No one.

Likes: The resistance, not being alone.

Dislikes: Combine.

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