"Your diet of fried chicken isn't doing well for you, Jasper. You had better get a grill, shweinhund. And a better signifigant other."

-Adal on Jasper's eating habits, and on his relationship status.

Vital statistics
Position Co-creator of ELITE
Age 26
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'
Power Vaccinator Medigun
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Love interests Jasper (Crush)


He looks like a normal Medic with the Deus Specs and the Teutonic Toque, which is painted with a yellow brim.

Personality and BehaviourEdit

He is nihilistic, and a bit brash. He likes insulting people in German. And he likes playing Rock Paper Scissors. Too much Rock Paper Scissors. He would play Rock Paper Scissors in the middle of a bomb war.

Backstory Edit

Adal, as a child, always dreamed of being a doctor, but it was cut short when he was kidnapped by RED. They were going to train him as a Medic, but he ran away, and encountered BLU, who took him in. He had mild training as a medic, but they taught him to be a master medic, and gave him a vaccinator. He then bought some Dues Specs and a yellow Teutonic Toque. He was then taught Rock Paper Scissors by Dan, which he immediately became addicted too. One year later, he met Jasper, and helped him form ELITE. He now resides in the ELITE home base.


His Vaccinator, while still a Vaccinator, has an extremely high healing rate. His crossbow can heal friends and hurt enemies, and he has an Ubersaw as well.


He does not fight well at long range, and is more of a support Medic. However, he does very well at close range with his Ubersaw.


  • He has a crush on Jasper, even though he knows that he is straight, and has a girlfriend.
  • He seems to communicate telepathically with pigeons.
  • Above all else, Adal loves playing Rock Paper Scissors.

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