"Hello,ladies,gentlemans,and,in this beautiful sun shining,or at this beautiful glowing white moon,i want to show a story that me and my brother made,before he got extremely insane,and killed our mother...well,past is past.the story,is about an baby eagle,and her every mom,the eagle mommy where searching for food to her little baby.when she were founding for food,3 cars full of hunters were on the forest the mommy eagle was.a hunter have seen the mommy eagle flying,and fastly,shot her.after sometime,the baby eagle was worried with her mommy,and tried to fly and search her,but failed.she fell on a grass, which miraculously didn't killed her.a happy little boy that was walking on the forest,and found the baby eagle.he took care of her, fed her, and she turned in his pet.the baby eagle,were happy,that found a daddy.and she stopped being a sad little may ask me where she is now,but did i told you that I were the happy little boy?and she's happy at home.this is the end of our today's story.have a nice life,because god waits for you."-M-Man

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